Studio Yaqui specializes in Full-Service Interior Design, E-design, and Model home design. We are skilled in collaborating with clients and home builders to orchestrate a flawless design journey, seamlessly bringing concepts to life. We pride ourselves on infusing each project with a distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart, enriching properties with character and charm.

        The studio is the product of art, culture, and curiosity with the aim to create interiors that evoke warmth, beauty, and balance.

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        Full-Service Interior Design

        We work with clients from concept to completion, taking care of every last design, procurement, and installation detail.

        For every room we design, our furnishing design hours include the following:
        -Floor Plans
        -Cushion for revision
        -Product Proposals
        -Project Management

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        We’ll work together and communicate through our virtual design platform and we’ll create an amazing and functional design for your space, tailored to your style and budget.

        Deliverables include:
        -Furniture & accessory mood board
        -Furniture floor plan
        -1 Revision
        -Itemized shopping list
        -Step-by-step styling guide
        -Final design board
        -Q&A post delivery call

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        Model Homes

        Our team works in tandem with builders, harmonizing design visions with construction documents to ensure a cohesive and streamlined process.
        We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in development projects. That's why we diligently optimize designs to meet budgetary constraints without sacrificing quality or style.

        Let's transform spaces together into captivating environments that resonate with homeowners and buyers alike.

        Deliverables include:
        -Schematic Design
        -Finish Schedules
        -​Construction Documents
        -FF&E Procurement

        LETS WORK

        Elevated design with depth.